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How does cod taste like?

What Does Cod Taste Like? (Fish or Chicken?)

Cod fish is a versatile fish popularly used in seafood delicacies and chips. Foodies love it because it can be grilled, broiled, and baked, making it a perfect protein source in any recipe.

You may be looking to try out cod, but you’re not sure how it tastes.

Well, generally, cod does not entirely taste fishy. It has a slightly sweet, delicate, and mild chicken-like taste that you won’t find in many sea fish. It’s flaky and soft and can be paired with different textured and flavored foods.

If you are new to cod recipes or would like to incorporate this fish into your diet, read on to find out how cod taste compares to other popular types of fish like Tilapia and salmon.

About the Cod Fish

Cod is a saltwater fish naturally found in cold climates such as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is high in protein and low in fat, making it a perfect alternative to red meat. 

Despite years of overfishing that has led to a decline in stocks, cod is still very popular worldwide and has a large demand in major culinary spots.

Apart from providing Omega-3 fatty acids, cod has a host of other health benefits. Some of the vitamins found in cod fish include vitamins E, A, and C, as well as B-6 and B-12.

Additionally, broiled and baked cod retains most of its nutrients by keeping the fat content low which is great for your heart’s health.   

Does Cod Have Good Taste?  

Cod fish delicacy taste
Cod looks just as good as it tastes

Cod has a very good taste that goes well with most dishes. As I mentioned before, it usually exhibits a mildly sweet, flaky, and soft taste that is just irresistible to seafood lovers. 

The fillet is meaty and firm, which makes it perfect for baking or broiling. It is one of the least “fishy” tasting fish out there. If your cod has a fishy taste, it is probably not fresh.

Does Cod Have a Fishy Taste? 

Cod does not have a strong fishy taste compared to other types of fish. It is comparable to tilapia, which is mildly sweet. 

Cod is great for first-time fish eaters because it does not have a strong fishy taste or smell. You may use some lemon juice to soak the cod before preparation if you really don’t want any traces of the fishy smell.

Does Cod Taste Like Chicken?  

Cod is the closest fish that tastes a bit like chicken. Because it has a buttery, sweet flavor, recipes that call for chicken can be substituted with cod. 

Additionally, since cod is lean and contains very little fat content, you get all the protein and nutrients benefits. However, ensure that the cod is fresh to get the closest chicken taste. 

Alaskan Pacific Cod vs Atlantic Cod Taste Comparison

 Atlantic cod mainly comes from Russia, Norway, and Iceland. It is very flaky, with fillets that crumble when cooked. It tends to be sweet and buttery.

The Alaskan Pacific cod is more abundant, and it’s what you would normally get at your fish market. 

It is meatier and firmer even when cooked. Pacific cod has a savory and mild taste.

Does Cod Taste Better than Tilapia, Salmon, Halibut, and Haddock?   

When hosting or preparing a special dinner, you want to prepare the tastiest meal possible. Knowing the different tastes of fish can help you decide on your main course. 

So, how does cod compare to some of the most popular fish?

Cod vs Tilapia Taste 

Tilapia is a very versatile fish that is popular for its high protein content. It’s a great freshwater fish praised for its protein content. 

Like Cod, it has a mild taste and a slightly sweet flavor. The only difference is that Tilapia exhumes a more fishy taste than cod.

Cod vs Salmon Taste 

Salmon is tender, fatty, and rich in taste. Compared to salmon, cod is milder in taste. Cod is also flakier, while salmon can be oily, making it great for recipes like sushi.

These two are very different in color, texture, and taste, and you can tell them apart right away.

Cod vs Halibut Taste 

Halibut is similar to cod since it has a firm texture that can be grilled, broiled, or baked. It has a dense and strong flavor, while cod is milder and flakier.

Since halibut has a gentle taste, it does well in recipes that call for strong seasonings like pesto and basil.

Cod vs Haddock Taste 

Haddock is commonly used to replace cod in popular dishes such as fish and chips. Haddock is flavourful with a slight sweetness.

It is more “fishy” than cod. Also, compared to cod, it is stronger in taste while still remaining milder than most fish.

Does Cod Liver Oil Taste like Cod Fish?  

Carlson - Cod Liver Oil, 1100 mg Omega-3s + A & D3, Wild-Caught Norwegian Arctic Cod-Liver Oil
Liquid Cod Liver Oil: Available on Amazon

 Cod liver oil is one of the best supplements you can take to boost your health. It contains vitamin A, which helps with eye growth and reproduction. It is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the body.

Unfortunately, most people avoid taking cod liver oil because they are afraid it may taste like fish. However, although it is an extract from cod fish, cod liver oil is actually easy to take daily.

It has a very mild and neutral taste and does not really taste like cod fish. 

However, if you really feel like you wouldn’t stand even the slightest fishy taste and you still want to boost your immunity with cod liver oil, I would recommend you go with capsulated cod liver oil.

Capsulated Cod Liver Oil

Capsulated cod liver oil
Cod liver oil capsules could be the best alternative to sensitive taste pallets

Is Cod The Best Fish for Non-Fish Eaters?  

 Cod fish is one of the most recommended fish for people who don’t really like eating this food type. 

Since cod fish is mild in flavor, it is gentle on the taste buds of first-time fish eaters. If you’ve ever had fishy-tasting recipes that had a strong smell and taste, trying out cod may be the best option to revive your interest in fish.

Additionally, cod fish can be used in numerous recipes. This means that you will not be limited on what you can cook if you choose cod as your main protein source.

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 Is Cod Healthy? 

Cod is one of the healthiest protein sources in the world. This saltwater fish is high in protein, low in fat, and contains a hoard of other nutrients needed by the body.

Some of the nutrients found in cod include vitamin B-12 which is important for brain development, vitamin  B-6, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, and vitamins A, E, and C.

So, keep this delicious seafood on your bucket list. I promise you won’t regret it.

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