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Cod vs Haddock fillets

Haddock vs Cod Fillets: The Main Differences Explained

Cod and haddock are some of the most popular white fish worldwide. They are versatile and can be cooked in different ways such as broiling, baking, and smoking, making them the best fish options for various recipes.

Additionally, these two protein sources are not overly fishy and can even be used as chicken substitutes.

However, they also have several differences. So, how can you differentiate between haddock and cod both when cooked and raw?

While cod has a mild and clean taste, haddock tends to be fuller in taste and a bit fishier. Cod fillets are thicker and leaner, while those of haddock are meatier and better suited to frying.

Read on to find out which fish between the two is better for your protein source and other amazing tidbits about the two fish fillets. 

How To Tell The Difference Between Cod And Haddock Whole Fish 

If you are an avid fisher or a frequent visitor to the fish market, you may be used to seeing whole fish straight from the ocean. Here’s how you can tell the difference between whole haddock and whole cod;

1. Colour

Whole cod fish
Whole Codfish

Cod has a green-brown color with a white underbelly. The color can vary in intensity from a lighter grey-green to a more intense red-brown.

On the other hand, the upper back of the haddock ranges from dark grey to black, while the lower body is silvery white.

2. Lateral Line

Another way to differentiate between whole cod and haddock is to check the lateral line running along the fish’s body. The line is light, white, or cream in cod but dark grey or black in haddock.

3. Shape of the Dorsal Fin

Whole haddock fish
Whole Haddock Fish

The dorsal fin of cod fish is usually rounded. On haddock, they are tall and pointed.

4. Size

 And finally, cod fish tend to get bigger and rounder than haddock. Cod can be easily found in 1-meter sizes, with records of some getting as big as 2 meters. Haddock, however, rarely grows past 80cm.

How To Tell The Difference Between Cod And Haddock Fillets

The easiest way to tell cod and haddock apart is by checking the fillets. When uncooked, cod filets are meatier, thicker, and firmer.

Cod fish fillets
Cod fillets

Haddock fillets are thin, fragile, and flakier. Haddock fillets will also be flatter compared to cod.

Haddock fish fillets
Haddock fillets

How To Tell If You Are Getting Fried Haddock Or Cod 

When it comes to recipes such as fish and chips, cod and haddock are easily swapped for each other. Whether it is due to shortages, you may still want to be able to tell which fish you are getting in your food.

The simplest way to tell the difference between fried cod and haddock fillets is by checking how easily the filet flakes.

Haddock will flake easily, while cod tends to be firm. Additionally, haddock will have a fuller, tastier taste that is slightly sweeter compared to cod.

What’s the Difference Between Cod And Haddock? 

There are a few more ways to tell cod and haddock. Here are a few ways that these fish differ;

3. Haddock Vs Cod Price 

Cod has been overfished for decades, leading to declining stocks. As a result, it is slightly more expensive than cod.

You can order fresh cod, haddock, or other fish fillets at the Trident store on Amazon.

However, the difference won’t break the bank. Going by current seafood market rates, the difference is about 1 dollar per pound.

2. Haddock Vs Cod Taste 

Cod and haddock almost taste similar, but you can be able to tell the difference between the two by checking a few things. Haddock will be fishier than cod, with flaky fillets. Cod will be thicker in fillets with a clean, mild taste.

3. Cod Vs Haddock For Fish And Chips 

Fish and chips

Cod is considered the best fish for fish and chips. However, many chefs prefer haddock because it is tastier and one of the best-suited fish for frying.

Some people argue that cod is better for fish and chips because it has a mild clean taste that complements the breading and malt vinegar added to the dish. However, both fish suit the dish, and they both still taste good!

4. Haddock Vs Cod Mercury

Cod and haddock have slightly similar levels of mercury, although haddock is considered a low-level mercury fish and cod a mid-level mercury fish. Both are listed by the FDA as part of the best choice fish with safe mercury levels. 

5. Cod Vs Haddock Nutrition Content 

The nutrient content in both fish differ, with cod emerging as the clear winner. Here are some of the nutrients found in the two fish and their concentration per 100 grams of fillet;

Nutrient Content per 100gHaddockCod
VitaminsA, B12, B3, B6C, E, D, B1, and B5

Source; Foodstruck

Is Haddock Or Cod Healthier? 

Both Cod and Haddock contain nutrients that are beneficial for your body’s health. When incorporated into your diet, both these fish add much-needed components to your meal.

Haddock contains more proteins compared to cod, while cod contains more fat. When balanced out throughout the week, having both sources of protein will help you maintain a healthy weight.

However, cod contains higher nutrient levels compared to haddock. Cod has more omega-3 fatty acids, it’s lower in calories, and contains less cholesterol compared to haddock. This makes cos healthier than haddock. 

So, Generally, Which Is Better, Haddock Or Cod? 

Cod is way more popular than haddock. However, preferences differ greatly depending on taste.

Availability also means that cod may be easily available in some areas as compared to haddock. There are also recipes that work better with haddock than with cod.

For example, chefs prefer haddock for fish and chips because haddock is more flavorful and pairs well with the buttery flavor used in preparing the batter. 

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Where To Get Fresh Cod And Haddock Fillets 

Your local fish market will most likely have both cod and haddock fillets.

You can also easily order fish online on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep. Buying online gives you the convenience of easy delivery, as well as unlimited choices. Amazon offers great choices, including fresh fillets, d=salted, canned and smoked pieces.

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