About Agrofoodious

No one doesn’t know the importance of food. That means no one should find difficulties understanding anything going down their …wait for it…oesophagus (okay, this is just a simplified name for a food pipe). 

This is why Agrofoodious will seek to simplify and sanitize any food complexities because of the simple reason that ignorance is a burden to live with. This will be done with a light touch because; hey! we have enough seriousness around us enough to fry our brain neurons to insanity. 

It will be a combination of a recipe of my project management and manufacturing knowledge to bring out a palatable taste to our food world. 

Coffee is unique, complex and highly regulated and fortunately I have had a thorough interaction with it in my line of profession. This clearly means I will be giving it more weight because it is interesting and somewhat not very much talked about without incorporating food jargons. 

So let us all clear our oesophaguses and let our mysterious foods glide down our stomachs because the way to a human brain is through the stomach.

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